what is the difference between snare auto RL and snare manual and snare manual lite and vdl1???
When recorded, the drumline sampled (recorded) both right and left hand samples. All of this is in the VDL manual that I mentioned in a previous post (pg. 78-82 to be exact).  You simply need to read the documentation. Also, more descriptive subject lines for your posts would be great - something like ";Difference between different SnareLine instruments"; - ";difference???"; is not very helpful in indicating what the thread is about.

[b]Snare Auto RL:[/b] Automatically alternates between the right and left hand samples, regardless of rhythm or sticking. You can use this if you'd prefer to not have to worry about entering the right and left hand sounds manually

[b]Snare Manual:[/b] Allows you to enter either right or left hand sounds to create a realistic representation of what it would actually sound like if your desired stickings were played i.e. paraddidles will sound like paradiddles.

[b]Snare Manual LITE:[/b] Same as Manual, but less sample at fewer dynamic levels are loaded.  For instance, the manual might load 12 different dynamic levels, while the LITE loads 6.  I'm not sure of the exact number, but this is the basic idea.

[b]Snare VDL1:[/b] If you created a score that used the VDL1 library, loading this patch will load the sounds mapped in the same way as they were in VDL1. You're still getting the VDL2.5 sounds, just mapped to the VDL1 mapping. You would only need to use this if your had written music using VDL1.

If you haven't already, you need to read through both the User Manual that came with VDL, as well as the Readme that came with the Finale 2010 template.

The user manual can be found at [i]\[Directory where you installed VDL]\Tapspace\Virtual Drumline 2.5\Documentation[/i]
i did read those. How do i get more of a snareline sound... right now it sounds like one snare. what do i need to change

Windows vista
finale 2010
indoor or outdoor template
snare auto RL

What are you entering in the score?  Are there just notes, or have you been adding expressions, SmartShapes, articulations, etc?

To have more 'realistic' playback, good engraving is almost required.  Proper placement of the above markings and utilizing those markings will make all the difference.

Also, are you using the lite instruments, or the full?
As Jim mentioned in a previous post, the more information you can give us, the better.  For example, you need to also give a detailed description of how you entered the notes e.g. ";With MIDI keyboard, pressing and holding the the G#4 on the MIDI keyboard, then 4 on the row of numbers on my computer keyboard, etc."; Right now we're just shooting in the dark.

if it doesn't have a thick enough sound, you could try writing the same part in the Solo Mylar Snare to thicken up the sound.
Check out the keymap diagrams in your VDL User Guide. They'll show you the differences between the Manual, AutoRL, Solo, etc instruments. The snare section instruments [i]do[/i] have some solo hits mapped to certain keys, so it's possible those are what you're using. Check out those diagrams and you should see which notes to use to get the various sounds available.
I like the sound of vdl lite. How can i get that sound but use vdl 2.5 is there somewhere i can look at those settings and try to match them??
What exactly do you mean by ";settings";? When referring to VDL Lite, are you talking about the sounds that come with Finale?

Could you describe what it is about the sound you like, so perhaps we could point you in the right direction.
Right. What do you mean by ";vdl lite."; Are these the instruments that come included with Finale? Or are you talking about the lite versions of snareline manual, etc?

In either regard, the sample data is largely the same, so you shouldn't be noticing huge discrepancies in the sound quality.
yes i was referring to what came with finale 2010. here i like a sound that sounds like a drum line instead of one bass.  i would like it to be inbetween the two sounds check it out http://www.myspace.com/sofdrumline the first two clips GROOVE on the right...
The VDLite instruments that come with Finale 2010 are derived from the same samples that are in the full version of VDL 2.5. A drumline is usually comprised of at least a snareline, tenorline, bassline, and cymbals. If you're not writing separate parts for all those instruments on separate lines, it's not going to sound much like a drumline.

That audio demo you referred to sounds so distorted it's difficult to listen to. That's not very helpful. Hopefully that's not the sound you're trying to achieve.

Sorry. Other than the suggestion above, I'm just not understanding you. If you write in legible sentences, it would be easier to communicate.

Have you entered dynamics into your score or tried adjusting the levels?  Your cymbals are overbalanced.
I fixed everything. I have finally learned how to use this program. Thanks for all the help guys!!
Glad you finally got it worked out. Would you care to share with everyone what you did you get to get everything working?
When i try to use manual instruments (snare, tenor, bass) they usually come out as rim clicks for bass, the tenors sound like they only have 2 drums instead of 4, and the snare sounds extremely pingy. Is there a way to fix this? And when your typing in the sticking for a manual instrument, does it understand anything for both sticks hitting simultaneously?
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