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Hello to all,

Let me first start off by saying Happy Holidays to the Tapspace Board. Hopefully everyone is having a great holiday season.

Now to the problem at hand:

I have been working on a new composition, using Sibelius 3.1.3, and have encountered new issues that have never happened before. I do not know if this is a library multi issue, or a Sibelius itself issue. Whenever I do the first playback to get the gears turning again, everything is fine. Then, once I begin writing and go to play a particular section, the auto tempo is set at 120 bpm, no matter what the marking. Also, the notes don't play back accurately. For example, if i have a C# whole note 4 bars in a row, every-other bar is a C#. The bars that don't play back these notes trigger random notes. I can't even gauge what interval they are shifting because it is different everytime.

I should also note that I have tried re-inputting everything into a new score. Nothing has changed.

Hopefully all you VDL genius's out there can help me.

Tech specs are in my signature.

Thanks guys
Any help guys ? Anything at all ?
I haven't used Sibelius 3 in ages, so I can't give you any specifics.  How are you entering your tempo markings? I can't remember, but are there any settings in Preferences related to tempo?

Is this happening in every file, even old ones?
Yeah, this is a tough one since Sibelius 3 is getting pretty long in the tooth.

I can't say I'm completely understanding your situation in how its being described. Maybe you'll find it best to approach it as two separate problems - tempo, and note triggering. Troubleshooting by isolating staves that are being affected might be a good start, taking note of any patterns you find in terms of the behavior you're seeing.

Assuming you're using the Sibelius 3 VDL template -  the Sibelius 3 and Sibelius 4 templates were constructed differently since they came before the Soundworld features introduced in Sibelius 5 onward. Ideally, it'd be a good idea to get up-to-date with a more current version of Sibelius since that's where everything's headed, and scores written prior to Sibelius 5 may not behave the way you want them to once you eventually update to Sibelius 6 and try to perform them in that environment. I realize this doesn't really help your current dilemma though.

While trying to troubleshoot, keep tabs on [i]all[/i] aspects of your configuration. For starters you may want to uninstall Maple, and reinstall Maple Midi Tools, or possibly even try MIDIyoke as your virtual MIDI cable. It's possible there's info being sent through this midi driver, that you can't see that's causing something to go screwy.
Well, I've started a new score so far and nothing has happened yet. I've been needing to upgrade for forever anyways.

Thanks guys !
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