problem in sib 6 playback devices

Hello all and Merry Christmas.....

I just got my new Imac and I am starting from scratch with fresh installations yada yada......i have installed Sibelius 6 (upgraded it to 6.1), Vdl 2.5, and yes I upgraded it to 2.5.1.......I used the leopard installer, I moved the 3 .nkx files to the appropriate folder,  I put the xml soundset file in it's correct folder.  But in the Sibelius playback configurations I cannot select the Kontakt player 2.  It seems to be there but I can't click on it.  I know there is an answer on the forums somewhere, but I cant seem to find it.  I have exhausted efforts on the ReadMe's, on the tutorial vids, and everything else i could think of.  If this is a topic that has already been addressed then I truly apologize.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Mc
Thanks guys.... Worked like a charm and I should have remembered that. I knew something felt different about it, but I just couldn't pinpoint it. Nonetheless I should have figured it out...... Thanks again and I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season!!
Chris Mc
Yeah, that should work. One thing they changed in Sibelius 6, was to disallow the ability to edit Sibelius's ";default"; sound sets. As you're finding though, it's not completely intuitive. Once you start creating your own, you should be able to freely access each of your available devices as expected.
Create a new playback configuration. You should then be able to select KP2.
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