What are you listening to?

As someone who is always trying to find new and inspiring music to listen to, I have found myself in a rut lately.... So my question to everyone is this:

what are you listening to these days?  Any genre is good with me. I just want something new to listen to.......I suppose that I will start this with what I am listening to which is Bob Schneider's latest album ";Lovely Creatures";......
The Renegades - Have become one of my favorite bands. Headed up by Paul Mutzabaugh of Cavaliers tenor lore.
Kick The Cat
Marcus Miller
The Everyday People
Anything by Bernard Herrman, but the Vertigo soundtrack is phenomenal!
James Newton Howard's ";King Kong"; score

Those have been my latest favorites. Definitely not a complete list, but enough for inspiration for sure.
This is always my favorite topic. I'll need to scour my library so I can post something that's not completely all over the road. Some latest artists/albums getting a lot of play from me are below. This seems to change all the time though:

Buika (El Ultimo Trago)
Avishai Cohen Trio
Oceanophony (written by Bruce Adolphe, the piano puzzler guy on NPR)
Steel Panter (guilty pleasure...)
Tin Hat Trio
The Bad Plus

Cool film soundtracks:
Das Leben der Anderen (Lives of Others)
Let the Right One In (great film too!)
Most of Desplat's film scores are wonderful (Painted Veil, Benjamin Button, Cheri, Syriana, The Queen)
Synechdoche NY, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love (big Jon Brion fan here)
There Will Be Blood
The Machinist

I could go on and on, but have a hard time being concise. Let's keep this one alive. I always love to learn about great new music others are listening to!
Well since I'm in new york, I'll go with Jim's recommendation and see The Bad Plus live tomorrow night :) Thanks ;)
The Bad Plus are great.  If you like Dave King (drummer from Bad Plus), check out Happy Apple and Haloween, Alaska for some of his other Minneapolis groups.
[quote author=perpetualpoet link=topic=3472.msg18274#msg18274 date=1262111801]
Well since I'm in new york, I'll go with Jim's recommendation and see The Bad Plus live tomorrow night :) Thanks ;)

Enjoy! They're awesome live. Dave King is really wonderful to see perform, and the whole band is quite unique. Earlier this year I saw them and Wendy Lewis was doing vocals on a lot of their newer tracks which was great as well.
Sweet! I'll keep my ear out. I'm stoked :) Tonight @ 11pm if anyone else is going :)
my old students band is in my iPod play mode the most right now, Passafire. 


Great tight Reggae tunes
Wow! The Bad Plus was great last night! I don't think David hit any part of the drumset the same way twice :)

The pianist took me to another place a few times :) Quite awesome!
I LOVE the Bad Plus! Jealous that you got to see them and hope I get the same opportunity some day.

My listening is nothing exciting, but since Rolling Stone named Radiohead's ";Kid A"; as the album of the decade, I've started listening to it again.
Speaking of kid A, it was in this awesome planetarium show I saw a couple days ago.


It was basically radiohead, U2, and other similar artists, set to a crazy itunes visualizer type planetarium light show. VERY cool....and trippy...

There is a video clip on the site, but doesn't do the show justice :)
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