EWQL Symphonic Orchestra (Free Edition)

Just got this e-mail link from soundsonline. Aparently they are giving away a scaled down,free version of their PLAY based Symphonic Orchestra. Just thought I would pass this along..



Wow, thanks for this! Karma +1 for you my friend.
God bless us everyone! And a very Merry Christmas to you, Derek!
Downloading as I type this...THANKS MAN!!!
It's a pretty limited collection of sounds, but still gives some insight into the quality of the EWQLSO stuff.
I have seen some negative press over the forums due to users having issues installing this free software. Best advice I can give is to follow the EW recommendations to the letter and reboot at the end of installation or you will most likely get some errors.
I got this downloaded just in time to hit the road again, so all I've done with this is open it up and tool around. It says that it interfaces with Sibelius, but I'm guessing it's not as easy as VDL or GPO.

Can anyone recommend a way, or a resource explaining how to get started doing this?

I found one thing while Google searching showing that a EWQL user had created a Sibelius soundset, but I'm a little too much of a noob to even know what all that means...
It is actually pretty easy to use in Sibelius, from what I understand. The soundsets you're talking about are probably those made by [url=http://sites.google.com/site/jonathanloving/]Jonathan Loving[/url].

[url=http://sites.google.com/site/jonathanloving/symphonicorchestraplay][b]Here[/b][/url] are some tutorials for EWQLSO (the PLAY version) made by Jared with SynthGnosis.  Those pretty well explain how those soundsets can be used in conjunction with Sibelius 5 and newer.
I've tried some preliminary set up of these sound sets (to use with Sib6) by watching the tutorials and trying to keep up, but I'm afraid the differences from Windows (what he's using) to Mac (what I'm using) are just enough to lose me.  I even tried the EWQLSO Platinum Pro XP Sound Set and following those tutorials with no avail.  I've copied the xml files to the correct folder, set up the library file in a house style folder, etc.  No luck.

I'm am I missing something really easy?  Or is it a bigger deal than I expected to get these rolling with each other?

Have you tried/seen the soundsets that can be found about 1/3 down the page here:
That link on Jonathan's site wasn't always a redirect, so I'm not sure what you got when downloading.

The documentation that comes with them is pretty copious, so they might be able to get you up and rolling more efficiently, since you can just read along.
I'll check it out Bryan. Thanks.
I downloaded this and it uses it's own playback dictionary. How does this work in conjunction with VDL? Thanks!

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