playback issues and MP3 formatting

Whenever I play back anything I write in either Sibelius player or itunes (or any other media player for that matter) a lot of things come out ";choppy"; or disconnected.  Especially rolls and flams at faster tempos.  Could it be my sound card or is there another issue that I'm simply missing.  I listen to MP3 formats of VDL designs on the internet and they just sound smoother than what I am getting.  It's not quite the clarity I was expecting from the program.  Also, would anyone know how to convert a Sibelius recording (wav format) to an MP3 in Sibelius 6? 

my sound card, or at least I think it is my sound card is .....  MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-852S  and Realtek HD Audio output

I am only using a laptop (Toshiba Tecra M-9) So I'm assuming my sound card quality may just be too low.  Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated.

-Matthew Wolfe
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A sound card upgrade would definitely help.  However, it sounds like you're having [b]latency[/b] issues.  Read The following FAQ about latency for more on that.

As far as converting to MP3s goes, you can't do that within Sibelius.  You can, however, do it in iTunes.  You have the option to choose what format you want to convert to in iTunes.

1) Go to [b]Preferences > General > Import Options[/b]. Then choose MP3 as your format, with whatever quality you desire - 192kbps is CD quality.
2) Import the WAV to your iTunes
3) Then right click that tune and choose [b]Create MP3 Version[/b]
4) Voile!

Hope this helps.
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