Don't know how to describe this issue. Please read.

Okay folks I have a very interesting problem. I will try to describe it. I have been using VDL2.5.1 all day yesterday along with Sib. 6. Was working great. Went back to working on a project a little later and here is what I get.

The window that shows up when the instruments are loading flashes on the screen for a quick second and then disapears without loading any sounds. The Sibelius Sounds Essentails works fine but VDL plays nothing.

I have no idea what to do other than to uninstall VDL and reinstall it again. Any ideas guys?

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the report, Eric.  Success stories are definitely worth their weight in gold - that is, if stories have weight.
I had the same problem, but with Sib Essentials.

In my case, the Essential sample files didnt copy completely. Sib recognized the soundset, attempted to load the correct sound, but there was no actual sample iformation there.

It would load a Trumpet for example, and ID go to the Kontakt screen, and it would say ";Trumpet";, but I click on the little keyboard and...nothing. No samples there.

Re-copied the files, everything was good. 
Not too sure what caused the problem. I did however did some cleaning up of my hard drive and removed some old games my kids played and removed some old MP3 converting programs. So that could have caused the problem. Not too sure.

But I did reinstalled VDL to fix the problem and it has worked.

Thanks for all the help you guys do here.

I'd still be curious to know what happened, for future reference.  Are you saying that you are reinstalling it currently, or reinstalling fixed the problem?
No worries. Reinstalling it work.
Happy New Year guys.
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