Hello! New to VDL 2.5 AND Finale 2010 Need LOTS of help.

Hey there! I have searched the forums for answers, however I am going to be ";that guy"; and ask my question.

I recently bought Finale 2010 and VDL 2.5 as a present to myself. I am upgrading from Finale 2007

I have installed Finale, along with the 2010a update. I am running Mac Snow Leopard on a Macbook.

First issue:

When I use the NI service center to download the VDL 2.5.1 update, it downloads a installer, but looks like it just reinstalled the Kontakt player. I cannot find any evidence that it installed the VDL update.


Second issue:

I can't seem to get the VDL sounds loaded and playing right with the VDL template. I really do not know what step I am missing. For example, when I open the indoor template and delete the staves I am not going to use then try to write, Finale freezes for a good 2-3 minutes and then loads sounds. The problem is, I think they are the VDL sounds that are included with Finale and not the VDL 2.5 sounds.  THe VDL Leopard installer put the VDL sounds in my Documents folder...is this right?

Did VDL not install right?
Am I in over my head with all this software?


I am running:
Black Macbook from 2007
Snow Leopard
Finale 2010a
VDL 2.5....or 2.5.1...but I don't think so!

Thanks for your help in advance!



Thanks so much. I think I did dive in too fast! I really appreciate the help!

Regarding your second issue, you may just need to take things a bit slowly as you're wrapping your head around the process. Hang in there. You'll get it!

For starters, you'll need to make sure Kontakt Player is selected as your plugin, and your desired VDL instruments are loaded into it. Be sure to keep track of the MIDI channels assigned to each instrument in KP.


You'll also need to get familiar with the [b]Instrument List[/b] in Finale to ensure the VDL instruments you loaded into KP are being triggered from the correct channels for each Finale staff. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEKfF8No5Qk&feature=related]This video tutorial[/url] covers these concepts and is worth a close look.

Hi Jon.

To tell if you've successfully updated the VDL 2.5.1 library do this:

1) Open Kontakt Player from your Applications folder.
2) In the Browser column (LH side), click the INFO button in the Virtual Drumline library.
3) Next to the ";Library"; field, check what version is displayed there.


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