How do I add a VDL drum kit to my score?

Title says it all! I cant figure it out!

Running FInale 2010a on Snow Leopard


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Are you trying to add this from scratch?

1) In the VDL Template, choose the Staff Tool and go to Staff Menu -> New Staves with Setup Wizard
2) Add a general drumset staff
3) Double-click on the new staff with the Staff Tool.  Go to Notation Style -> Select.  Choose the Drumset Basic or KS Layout.  Press Select then OK
4) Go to Window Menu -> Instrument List.  Take note of the channel for the new staff.  Under Perc MIDI Map, select VDL Cymbals Gongs Drums -> Drumset Basic or Auto
5) Go to MIDI/Audio Menu -> Instrument Setup -> VST Instruments
6) Click the pencil symbol next to Kontakt Player 2 to edit the proper bank
7) Load the drumset desired, then set the channel to the one we took note of in step 4

You should be good to go.

Remember that you can always add or remove instruments from the template that you will use/not use a lot, then re-save the template by going to File -> Save as and saving it as a customized version of the file.
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