Rolls on vibes?

Searching for a few minutes did not answer my question...

I am trying to recreate a sound using rolls on vibraphones.  I know that it is uncommon, but I have seen it used (and called for it in my own writing) from time to time.  The vibe FX sounds don't seem to have that in there.  I figured that there would be a MW setting or something, but that only controls the sustain pedal (at least on the MW version).  The [PED] version uses CC64 to change the sustain pedal and controls cymbals with the MW. 

I am using Logic Pro 8 (no 9 just yet...) and sometimes still use Sib5 depending on the project.  Thanks for any help!

Vibes rolls weren't sampled. 

If I ever need to hear a smooth vibe roll sound, I generally load up a Vibes Soft instrument and just add a 2 or 3 slash tremolo in Sibelius.  In Logic, I guess you could just enter a bunch of consecutive notes on the desired pitches in much the same way/speed you would play them in real life.
Great idea.  I am putting in ";Midnight Star"; from Mirror From Another by Friedman.  Have a student playing it, and I am making her a click track recording to practice with.  The beginning/end have a swishing over a set of four notes in each hand.  I think that Logic will make the correct sounds more accurately than Sib since I can control the exact length very easily. 

No problem.  Along the same thread, you can also enter the permutations you want, if you'd prefer that she play it with the standard 4 3 1 2 ripple roll permutation.
Playing the rolls into Logic in real time with a MIDI keyboard will give you a pretty convincing result. With the sustain pedal engaged, just roll on two different pitches so the roll speed seems natural to the tempo of your music. Once that's entered, if you want both hands rolling on the same note, just drag one pitch up or down so it's on the same pitch as the other hand.

You can hear an example of this [url=]here[/url] around 1:15.
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