Finale 2010 library layout problem

I'm running an imac 10.5.8
Finale 2010.

I bought and downloaded the finale 2010 percussion layouts and installed them in the Libraries folder like the Read me says (I think). 
They are not recognized by finale and come up as a Unix file. I can get finale to read them, but they don't seem to work right.  I'm trying to use a concert snare, but nothing is mapped properly.  What am I doing wrong?
Here is a window shot.

I'll take a look at this later this evening when I'm at home. My first thoughts are 1) check to make sure that the Layout Library and that the XML files are in the proper folders and 2) make sure you have selected the maps you wish to use in the Instrument Window and the Staff Tool. Using the Staff Tool is the same as previous versions of Finale. The change in Finale 2010 is selecting a percussion map/layout in the Instrument Window.

Ted Boliske 
That was it,
Good, glad to hear it was a simple solution.

The files appear this way on my Mac as well, running OSX 10.6.2 and everything works fine, so this might just be how it is.
For anyone who has purchased the Finale 2010 Template for VDL:

If you've run into a problem where, within Finale, the two VDL Library files appear grayed out, and unavailable to load (again from [i]within[/i] Finale's Load Library dialog), it may have something to do with the files you received. This pertains to the following two files:

[li]TapspaceVDL2.5 FIN10a Percussion Layouts[/li]
[li]TapspaceVDL2.5 FIN10aText Expressions[/li]

There was a problem with how this file package was compressed for downloading, and some people may experience a problem where these two files don't work. This was only the case for a short period after the templates were released, after which point they were corrected and should function fine. If, however, you were an early purchaser of the template and find that these files aren't working for you, [url=]contact Tapspace[/url] so we can replace those two files for you.

Apologies for the brief glitch if you were affected by it. Some of you may not have stumbled upon this yet, but fortunately, we haven't heard much in the way of problems about it.
The key step most people miss is making sure that under the Instrument list, the correct Perc. MIDI Map is selected.  Kind of in a non-intuative spot.
Hi Jim. I purchased the Finale 2010 VDL 2.51 templates very early on. The thing that I noticed is that the library files did not have the .lib extension on the filename. I just added the extension and they seem to load fine.

Warren Barnett

Same goes for me. I had to add the .LIB suffix, then they seemed to work with the template. Now - I have been experiencing some other issues - I mention those on the thread started by Neil Landini on Finale crashing.

Warren/David - Thanks for letting me know about the missing .lib extension. Most of this development was done on a Mac, which, by default, doesn't appear to use this extension. We've learned these library files are a little fussy when saved in one platform (Mac), and using on another (Windows). I hadn't heard of the .lib extension workaround though, so hopefully this suggestion will help several other users. Thanks again!
Warren/David/Jim -

Strangely, I didn't have the file extensions either on the LIB files ... files appeared as greyed-out in the directory BUT I had no problem with them loading and working .... using both Vista and XP.  I have since added the extensions to the files (just to be safe).  Thanks for the tip.
Hi All:

Same problem here on Windows 7. Added the .lib extension and all seems to be working now.

Hi Jim. I have noticed that when you guys do your work on a Mac, that you don't usually check to see that they work in Windows. You just assume that they will, and we all know what happens when you ASS-U-ME. :-)
[quote author=Warren Barnett link=topic=3487.msg18679#msg18679 date=1267067277]
Hi Jim. I have noticed that when you guys do your work on a Mac, that you don't usually check to see that they work in Windows. You just assume that they will, and we all know what happens when you ASS-U-ME. :-)

You'd be surprised. We do quite a bit of cross-platform checking. And with so many flavors of Mac and Windows these days, you can imagine what a challenge it becomes. Nonetheless, you have a point. When checking these lib files in Windows XP, I don't recall the .lib extension being a factor. But we've since learned from the good folks at MakeMusic that such files (the library files) don't behave as cooperatively as other Finale documents like .mus files when swapping them between platforms they may not have been saved in.

The good news is that workarounds and fixes are almost always available. I guess that's why the forum's here! :)

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