Midi keyboard with VDL 2.5

Hi guys I just got a midi keyboard for christmas. I have figured out the basics but I would like to know a couple of things. I am running Finale 2010 with Full VDL 2.5 on XP

-How do you make the snare sounds stay on one line
-Is there an easier way to enter the notes with a midi keyboard than using simple entry
- How do I get note entry simplified so I can mainly just use the midi keyboard

Thanks in Advanced

Hi Andrew,

Did you want just the snare parts to go on the C space (or whatever) instead of C and B?

If so, choose the Staff Tool.  Double click on the snare staff to open Staff Attributes, then go to Notation Style -> Select.  Click Edit on the snare layout.  Locate the Snare LH note type then move the staff position to the position you wish.  Repeat for Snare RH, etc.

As for the Simple Entry options, have you gone through the Simple Entry Tutorials that were included with Finale 2010?

yeah I have had finale 2010 for a while its just new using a midi keyboard
Hi Andrew,

If you haven't already, you may want to pick up the [url=https://www.tapspace.com/VDL-Template-for-Finale-2010-pr-122.html]VDL Template for Finale 2010[/url]. It comes with all Virtual Drumline's percussion maps pre-configured. If you're not already using it, it'll save you a ton of time making your scores look good when using VDL.

Also, be sure to check out the [i]Getting Started Videos[/i] by clicking the [b]Tutorials[/b] link on that same page.
Hey Andrew -

I second what Jim said about using the VDL Template for Finale 2010a, it will greatly improve your VDL experience.

As far as simplifying input, Speedy Entry is probably your best bet since it is designed for repetitive input.  It has an ";input"; and an ";insert"; function in case you need to go back and redo things within meausures that you have alrready created.  In addition, if you put the CapLocks on, you can select any note duration you want and do continuous input (or inserting) with your keyboard.  This includes tuplets.  The note duration will remain the same until you press another numbpad key to change it.  Saves alot of time.

I would also recommend that you download from this site the free keymaps for all the VDL instruments.  You can find them in the VDL General Information board among the ";Sticky topics";. They provide a quick sight reference to the keyboard mapping of the various instruments you will use.

Hope this helps.

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