Band Music with Active Percussion Parts

Anyone have any suggestions for high school band music that has active/extensive percussion parts? I have lots of students I want to keep as busy as possible.  Specifically, I'm looking for a festival/contest piece that's playable and musical for the winds as well.  Thanks in advance!!
Incantation and Dance. Can't remember who wrote it, but it's a standard.

You'll hear some good middle school bands play it, but it's still a pretty tough tune. The kids will like it.

Hey 522,

I get pretty nerdy over this topic so forgive me... (and BTW, Incantation and Dance is by John Barnes Chance -- while the percussion are active, it's super-repetitive).

What grade level of music are you looking for and what state are you in? I might be able to help you if I knew the answers to those questions.

Without knowing your band, I can offer one tidbit: the following composers almost always have great and plentiful percussion parts: Gillingham, Hazo, Mackey, Camphouse, Sheldon, Del Borgo, Holsinger, Margolis, Nelson, RW Smith, Ticheli and Tull. Many of them (esp. Del Borgo and Sheldon) have pieces for both young band and advanced band and write masterfully for both. Other composers may write for a lot of percussion, but those are just the ones that spring to mind as actively utilizing the percussive palette. 
Hazo, Sheldon, and Robert W. Smith spring to mind. The music is often cheeze, but chock full of percussion.
Looking for around grade 4/medium (for my 2nd concert band).  Specific titles would be helpful.
I've searched the internet for this topic but haven't had much luck.  I pulled out Incantation and Dance (John Barnes Chance) yesterday and the wind parts are probably too difficult for the amount of time I have available.  Thanks for your suggestions!
Yeah, while I & C is technically percussion heavy, the learning curve is far greater for the winds!

Here are some pieces to take a look at:

Grade 3 (Texas PML)
Canarios Fantasia - Akey
Alligator Alley - Daugherty
Crystals - Duffy
Voices in the Sky - Hazo
Havendance* - Holsinger
Color - Margolis
Der Traum des Oenghus, Teil 1 - Rudin
Ghost Fleet - Sheldon

Grade 4 (Texas PML)
Early Light - Bremer
Concord - Grundman
Undertow - Mackey
Pablo! - Meyer

Those recommendations are based on your feedback about Incantation & Dance. In Texas, I&C is on the Grade 4 list, so the Grade 4's I listed are, to me, the ones that are not as hard. However, none of those 4's are particularly easy...

Hope that will help get you started!
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