D.C. al Fine

I'm trying to put in a D.C. (al Fine) into a piece.  I have the D.C. part working great using Create > Text > Other System Text > Repeat (D.C.)

However on the repeat of the whole score it is skipping over my 1st endings.... which i don't want it to do.  I tried adding ";Play on Pass: 3"; for the 1st Endings and the repeat inside of it, but it still skips over that ending.

Anyone know what I'm missing!

CapnDoody (Chris)
Welcome to the forum Capn Doody!

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I'm presuming that you'e using Sibelius, based on the fact that you're talking about Play On Pass.  Check out the attached .sib file.  Do you have the elements set up similar to that file i.e. 1st ending with an End Repeat barline (Create > Barline > End Repeat), and using the ";Repeat"; font for both the D.C. and Fine (unless it's just going to the end, in which case don't worry about it.

Having that End Repeat is key.  You should have to mess around with the Play on Pass settings. Also, in the future, questions specific to Sibelius that have nothing to do with VDL would be beter addressed on the [url=http://www.sibelius.com/helpcenter/index.html]Sibelius forum[/url].

Hope this helps!
I recall there being some odd behaviors in how earlier versions of Sibelius handled D.S, D.C, Coda type repeats. I don't remember the details, but I think these features are working more gracefully in Sibelius 6.
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