Sibelius Staff Text conflicts: Rim and Stick et al

Having recently dealt with a few issues regarding how some staff text styles (e.g. technique, small, boxed, etc.) interact with VDL, I figured I'd post a general thread that will hopefully be helpful for future troubleshooting.

If for some reason you start experiencing weird playback on a staff, and are confident that everything is configured properly, check to see if you have any staff text that might be the catalyst of the problem.  Some examples are (regardless of case):

";Rim"; on the SnareLine and TenorLine instruments causes all following notes to be rim notes.
";Stick"; on Marimba instruments causes all notes to roll.

I'm sure there are more, but just wanted to post this as a sort of Surgeon General's warning: placing the text ";stick"; on a marimba staff could be hazardous to your playback.  The proper way to deal with them is to select the text in question and uncheck the ";Play On Pass"; boxes in the Properties window, under the Playback heading. This will ensure that the text has not effect on the music/staff on which you have placed it.

Hopefully this will prove helpful for some of you in the future.
All it takes is a little persistence :) Good to hear you feel you're making progress!
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