Finale 2010b Crashes

Hello all,

I recently downloaded the 2010b upgrade for Finale, and I am now in a bad place:

1. I CAN play back files, but the battery sounds are wrong.

2. I CANNOT enter any notes, Finale immediately crashes.

I am using the Finale 2010 templates and VDL 2.5, etc.

Anyone else encountered this?


Sounds like a good time to make the switch to the alternative :-) Sorry, couldn't resist. 

It says in this update they added a ";Percussion MIDI Map Editor"; and ";enhanced integration of staff styles";.  Could those possibly be the cause of this latest screwiness?

Ha, if it wasn't free (school system) I would just do that...

I am still poking around with this new version, I really just want to roll back this update however there seems to not be a way to do this without reinstalling.

Have you submitted a ticket to their support team?

Can you attach a copy of the file that crashes or email a copy to me and I'll check it out. I have not yet had any problems with this update similar to what you describe. Also make sure that you identify your system specs. Your signatures lists a windows computer but I seem to recall you asking about Mac software recently, so the OS could be a factor.


Thanks for the help!  File is attached... It is an arrangement for my Junior High Drumline.

No Mac here, Neil Flum maybe?

Specs in sig. now.

Thanks. And you're right, I was thinking of the other Neil.

I'll check it out over the weekend and post back.

I was able to enter notes on the file without any issue, so it's most likely an issue on your specific computer.

First, have you tried trashing preferences?

1.  Close Finale.
2. Navigate to your Finale folder (usually find in C:\Program Files\Finale 200x).
3. In this folder you will see two files that have the type Configuration Settings. This files have an icon that look like a notepad with a gear. They are listed as:
* Finale.ini
* Finmidi.ini
4. Delete these files.
5. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, we need to remove these file from another location as well. If using Windows XP, skip to step 7.
* Navigate to C:\Users\<your account>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Finale 200x

(this is a hidden folder. To show hidden files and folders, go into Explorer's Organize Menu, Folder and Search Options, the View tab, and Show hidden files and folders).

6. Find and delete the Finale.ini and Finmidi.ini files in this folder as well.
7. Empty the Recycle Bin.
8. Restart the computer.
9. Run Finale.  Try to enter some notes on the same score.  Same crash?

If so, navigate to this location:

C:\Program Files\Finale 2010\Finale MIDI Devices.

Are the VDL XML files in this folder (such as VDL Accessories.xml, VDL Snareline.xml, etc)?
I yield the floor....

Thanks for jumping in Justin.

Same crash, and no those files are not there.  I thought I loaded those with VDL? 

OK, so I think I solved it.  I went back and reloaded the .XML files that were in the previous version (a), and restarted Finale. 

All seems to be well now, thanks for the help!

Hi Neil,

Great to hear!  Those files are not automatically loaded by a VDL install, you'll have to drag them from the templates folder after purchasing/downloading the 2010a templates.


I loaded them correctly the first time for 2010a, they do not migrate with the 2010b upgrade.  Just a quick manual move...

For future reference - when I downloaded and ran the upgrade to Finale 2010a (and Finale 2010b), Finale automatically created a folder called Pre-Update which contained the Libraries and XML files for the VDL2.5 Templates that I had already copied to their respective Finale folders.  So I didn't have to go far to ";recopy"; them to the new folders.  I thought that was a surprisingly handy and user friendly feature from MakeMusic ... and it would have been even more user friendly if the ";Read Me"; had bothered to mention it!

Yes, that is where I found them as well.  Another note to self about dealing with upgrades!

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