Ritardandos and accelerandos

I just had a quick question about ritardandos and accelerandos. Does anyone know of a good plug-in or method to create defined ritardandos and accelerandos in Finale 2010? I am using the JW Tempo plug in with Finale 2010 and it works great. However, some of my Mac friends cannot use this plug in with 2010. I was just curious how others create these tempo changes and what they use. Is there a similar plug in out there for the Mac that does the same thing JW Tempo accomplishes?

JW Tempo will let you enter a beginning tempo and ending tempo. It then gradual changes the tempo automatically over the measures selected. This way the wind score will line up with the percussion score perfectly for audio production. No shapes, no expressions...just tempo change. It is great! However, the wind arranger I am working with cannot use it.
Just curious....Thanks!   
Are you wanting to do a smooth tempo change like you can in Sibelius, or could it be a measure by measure tempo change?
Hey Bryan! Love the music by the way.

I want to do a smooth tempo change from one tempo to a new one. I can do it on my PC with JW Tempo. However, that plug in does not work on the Mac with Finale 2010. I am looking for something that will help sync up tempos between a wind book and a percussion book am I writting. The wind composer used the rit. and accel. expressions (with shapes). However, it is just too hard to get that to line up with the percussion score. It would be great to just enter in a starting tempo and an ending tempo over selected measures and be done.

I should just make the switch to Sibelius. However, I have a bunch of clients that still use Finale and want the Finale files.

When is your next Sibelius class? I may have to come check it out and see what I am missing.   
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