working sounds from kontack 2 to finale 2010 with korg nanokey

hey guys

im having a issue with the korg nano key imput with using kontack2 player into finale. i watched all the videos and did everything and cant figure out how to get the nanokey to work in fianle 2010. im using a macbook pro and its recognizing the keyboard on the computer but not in finale.  what could i do to make it work?


In Finale 2010, you'll set your nanoKEY as the input device by going to the [b]MIDI/Audio menu>Device Setup>MIDI/Internal Speaker Setup[/b].

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Sorry about the spelling errors it was late and didn't dawn on me to spell check my work.  Thank you for answering my response quickly. It works great!!!! Just one last question about using the keyboard in finale.  If i have to use more than 16 channels then do I have to switch to the next 16 channels or can I have it running on say 32 channels at once instead of 16?

Robert, see the attached image.  This is found under [b]MIDI/Audio > Instrument Setup > Audio Unit Instruments[/b].  Notice that there is a second instance of KontaktPlayer2 there.  If you're using the full version of Kontakt, you'll just load that instead of KP2.Seems like you already knew where to find that, but wanted to point it out, just in case.

-The 1st instance of Kontakt would be channels 1-6 (1-16 in the 1st instance).
-The 2nd instance of Kontakt would be channels 17-32 (1-16 in the 2nd instance)
-etc. for additional instances

In the Instrument List, you would want to use the 1-16 and 17-32 as your channels.  Once you wrap your mind around that, you should be  fine!
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