Pat Metheny's Orchestrion - very cool!

That [i]is[/i] pretty cool! I would have to say that Pat Metheny is not someone I follow closely, but someone I just try to keep loose tabs on. He never ceases to amaze me with what he does.

He's brilliant. And I believe that he will be remembered as a true musician (too many guitarists are technically stunning, but often lack creativity and musicianship). The way that he just does what he does without fanfare and publicity makes me think that he will long be remembered as an innovator. Never disappoints.
This is very cool by an incredible musician.  If anyone is interested, you can check it out on his Website as well at  He (Metheny) gives a written description of the orchestrion on the same Webpage.  Nice find Bryan.
Another post about this amazing musician and project:
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