Quick Sibelius Question/VDL Question -- Bass Guitar


I'm writing a chart in which I'm using the VDL bass guitar throughout (I've always just needed one for a few measures here and there... don't ask). Anyhow, I don't know if it's Sibelius or VDL that needs adjustment, but the bass guitar should be a transposing instrument -- sounding down an octave from where it reads -- as it stands, it's sounding where it's written. How do I get this to sound an octave down ";globally"; speaking?

I've tried using a clef change to the Bass Clef designated with an 8 below for ";down an octave"; and that doesn't effect playback.

I've also used the 8vb line over and over and it *does* work, but to me that's just a band-aid and I know there has to be a more ";internal"; fix to this problem. (Plus, having to hide all of those 8vb's on the score makes for a pretty cluttered workspace...)

Thanks in advance!
Eric, I guess you could go into the [b]House Style > Edit Instrument[/b] dialog, find the Bass Guitar instrument and poke around with the transposition settings, as seen in the screenshot below.
That seems like it would work fine. But after some tinkering, the only result I was getting was that it would move the entire part down an octave... I'll keep fooling around with it.
Eric, It does move it down an octave, but should also change transposition. This means you just need to move the part back up an octave, and it should play back where you want it. I've had to deal with this issue a lot lately, as VDL thinks of things as sounding, but Sibelius does not (I actually usually just use the sound essentials or Kontakt 3 bass). Can get frustrating sometimes! I've also sometimes randomly had my bass guitar parts play back as marimba for no real reason... closing Sibelius and reopening usually does the trick!
Matt, thanks! After reading your post, I figured I was doing something wrong and well, I was. I was moving octaves in the wrong direction.

Karma for you friend!
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