Uninstalling VDL from old maching to reinstall on a new machine

I've tried to find something in the forum, but have not asked the right questions in the search. I have a new computer that I want to put VDL on. Is it as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling? What do I do with the NI service center serial number as I have already registered it once? I don't want to run into any problems trying to re-register VDL.

1) On your old machine, launch Service Center and go to the [b]Overview[/b] tab.

2) Show the details for VDL there, and you'll see a field for [b]Activation Key.[/b]

3) Click the [b]Edit[/b] button for the Activation Key and you'll see the contents of the field are now highlighted.

4) [b]Delete[/b] the Activation Key, then click [b]OK[/b]. The field should now be empty.

5) [b]Quit[/b] Service Center

These steps should ensure VDL is properly deactivated so you won't run into any future problems with new machines in the future. Hope this helps!
Thanks Jim. I've got the key deleted on the one machine and I'm getting ready to install it on the other machine. I'll let you know if I have any problems with the new machine. Thanks again.

I just got a new iMac at home and after talking to Bryan, this post was VERY helpful.  Just a quick word o thanks!

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