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I purchased VDL and I guess never registered it? I am trying to update my libraries with VDL now in the Kontact player, but it says I need to register my product. I have searched the Tapspace site and still don't see how to do that.

Thanks for the help.
1) You need to make sure you have the Native Instruments Service Center Installed. 

2) Once you've installed that (if you haven't already), you'll need to create a user name and password, upon which you'll be able to login.

3) Under the Activate tab, you should see VDL with your serial number entered, presuming that you've already installed VDL.  Click Activate.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Hope this gets you up and going!
That's exactly right. All the registration/authorization for VDL is done through Native Instruments. So you'll need to create a user account with them for managing your registration/authorizations.

The Service Center installer on your VDL DVD is out of date, so I recommend downloading the latest version directly from the NI website [url=]here[/url].

If you get stuck, please let us know.
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