Latin percussion

I need to know if certain Latin percussion sounds are available from VDL for use with Sibelius 6 First.

I need at least:
timbales: low, high, high rim, cascara, bells, block
conga: low, high, heel, tip, slap, open

Virtual Drumline 2.5 contains all those sounds.

But VDL is simply a library of percussion sounds. It's not a notation program. It's generally intended to be used in conjunction with notation software like Sibelius or Finale, or within a DAW like Logic, Cubase, or Digital Performer.

I believe Sibelius First allows some limited function of using VST instrument plugins, however it may not permit you to utilize the percussion mapping functionality which allows your percussion parts to play accurately [i]AND[/i] look correct on the staff. This functionality would be more suited to Sibelius 6. If, however, you don't need the music to look good with accurate notation, using a sequencer (or even Sibelius First) might be an option for you.
Thank you. Does something else come with Latin percussion that you know of?
It doesn't come with any Latin percussion included, only a limited array of concert percussion accessories, mallets, and drum set.
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