Percussion CDs for sale - all sorts!!

Talked to Jim about posting this since we don't have a 'market place' per se. 

Several of you bought CDs from me last year on the drumhard forum I believe, well, I'm moving next month and need the space (and not to mention the $)

You can see all CDs for sale on my gallery page at

Price is $7 per CD + $2 shipping via first class mail.  (cheaper than iTunes AND you get the disc and liner notes!!)
If you buy more than 1 CD, then it's $1 added shipping for everyone after that.
Most CD case are that old school extra heavy (and thick) plastic that you don't see anymore.  All discs are in great shape.

Paypal is preferred but I accept all forms of payment.  Email me first. Paypal to

You can preview many of these right on itunes, just search.

Before you shoot me a PAYPAL (or any other payment, be sure I still have the disc -email me @ I will delete the disc image ASAP after payment is received.  Don't assume I'm saving it indefinitely for you though and check back often!!

Please email me if you have ANY questions, I'm always near by ;^)

thanks so much for your time and thanks Jim for the outlet for everyone to enjoy some great pieces of history.
you've got email...
the list has dramatically shortened thanks to Dave!!!
Check it out.
just a note to anyone interested, all remaining CDs are now lowered to $5 each + regular shipping.
just added a picture with 8 very great videos for sale.  $8 each +$3 shipping.  Link in the 1st post.

Again, you've got email...

Dang it dave! Stop hoggin all the good deals! :)
[quote author=RGreen link=topic=3537.msg18714#msg18714 date=1267620603]
Dang it dave! Stop hoggin all the good deals! :)

He is building a collection!!  Don't stand in his way!!
Hey - get in there and get the goods man...
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