Printing template problems

Hi Guys,

  Ive encountered a problem with the templates Ive been using finale 2010 on xp. When I extract the parts or link the parts It is either really smushed or one line and when I print the score it is just a scrambled mess Ive searched the forum and no one seems to have this problem. Also what does the little lock symbol mean on the templates I try to re position staves and it wont let me I think this lock symbol has something to do with it. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Are you using the Finale 2010 template or a previous version? The parts for both the scores and parts were already formatted. As well, the parts are already linked. Even with this in mind, you should still be able to reformat everything using the layout tools available in Finale. It may help to review the tutorials in printing and page layout.

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