VDL 2.0 on OS 10.6

Hi - I have been using DL on Windows for quite a while and just recently switched to mac.

The whole AU thing is confusing me, getting Finale to connect to VDL.  ANy suggestions or links to existing tutorials would be appreciated (I can't find any).

My config:

MacBook Pro
OS 10.6.2
8 gb ram

Finale 2010

VDL 2.0

Thanks for anything anyone can tell me!
Hi gilldrums. Welcome to the forum!

The first thing I would recommend is updating to VDL 2.5. VDL:2 uses an older version of the Kontakt Player which isn't technically supported on newer versions of the Mac OS (Leopard and greater). As a registered user of VDL2, it's super cheap to update to 2.5. Just enter your serial number and order here:

Sidenote: Once you've got your VDL 2.5 DVD, you should install it using the freely downloadable [url=https://www.tapspace.com/Downloads-Updates-p-2.html#VDL25LeopardInstaller]Leopard Installer.[/url]

AU stands for ";Audio Unit."; Essentially, if you're used to doing things in the PC world with VST plugins, AU is the same thing, but just specific to Mac. Mac can also run VST plugins, but in Finale, they only offer AU support on the Mac platform.

Once you've got VDL 2.5 installed, you should definitely consider getting the VDL Template for Finale 2010. Using this, you'll have all the VDL customized mappings that correspond to Finale's new system of handling percussion. Huge time-saver. There are a couple basic tutorial videos that give you a basic overview of the template components here:


I hope this may help give you a little direction as you move forward. If you get stuck, be sure to search around the forums here. Lots of old topics that will help steer you in the right direction, or just chime in with new questions if you encounter them.

Good luck!
Thanks Jim - I'll try all that...didn't know the upgrade was so cheap - I would have done that long ago just because!
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