Problem W/ Finale 2010 Template/Layout

I thought I had this problem cleared up but I just cannot figure it out. I am trying to use the 2010 template with Finale and I believe I have followed read me installation instructions correctly. Here is the problem. When I enter the notes for the battery instruments on my midi keyboard, I hear the correct sound but they do not end up on the correct line in the staff. For example I will enter a unison bass hit and it shows up as a regular note on the bottom line of the staff.  I have checked to make sure I have the correct layout/ instruments selected. Nothing I have tried seems to work. Thanks for your help!

It sounds as if you did not select the correct percussion layout. This is done with the Staff Tool and the process is similar to previous versions of Finale. The other place to check is in the Instruments List. This can be found under the Audio/Midi menu at the top of the screen. Let us know if you're still having problems.

Thanks for your quick response. I checked and my layouts seem to match. I have the Lite version of the battery instruments loaded. Believe it or not, the snare staff even seems to be in order. The bass and tenor staff are the ones that are out of whack.
Problem Solved. I went to Midi Setup/Devices/ Percussion Setup.....Make shure input device matches output device.
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