Grace Notes

Im sure this has had to have come up before, but is there anyway to adjust grace notes in sibelius? they come so early and they're played at normal volume. pretty bad. ive heard other recordings with what sounded like decent flams but i dunno how you all got them that way
nevermind i figured it out... but i have to do it note for note. is there anyway to set the global live playback position to say -12 and live playback velocity to 105 or even better, a %?
There are several older past discussions on this topic. A quick search of ";grace notes"; will yield many quick results. Here's one you should find helpful so you don't have to adjust them note by note.
Also, about the best you can do at this point is use the [b]Edit > Filter > Grace Notes[/b] and adjust all of them at once.

Here's another handy post about setting consistent grace note timing in Sibelius, regardless of tempo:
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