Accidentially overwrote VDL .sib template

Now when I open the template, any and all of the instruments I add don't have a working play back. For example, the Snare Manual LITE only has play back on B and C but it sounds like a xylophone. Is there some way to fix this, like downloading another template somewhere?

You should see if all of the instruments in the Kantakt 2 player are set to auto. This allows the kantakt 2 player to automatically find the correct sounds for the instruments you have in the score. You also can try finding a file you have previously worked on that was done using the template. Save it as VDL or a name that you want so that you still have the file that you worked on before. Now you have a new template where you can change instruments get the sounds you want.

I hope this helps.

When you say ";overwrote"; do you mean that you saved it with instruments other than ";Default"; in the score?  That's not really that big of a deal as long as you have loaded an instance of Kontakt Player or Kontakt in Playback Devices for playback as is illustrated in the attached image.

Armand's suggestion would be something worth looking at if you have tinkered with the Playback Devices in the Mixer, but otherwise shouldn't be a problem.
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