Anyone suggest some good Brazilian music?

As little as I know about anything, it seems I know even less about Brazilian music. After spending some time on iTunes (which is horrible to search with) I went over to which provided a MUCH better search function, but I'm still in the dark. My knowledge of Caribbean music ENDS abruptly here.

Give me some album titles, artists that are essentials please. (not trendy club hits or anything though ;)

It's a big country. thanks!!
At UNT, we do a good bit of Daniela Mercury(she's a national icon down there) transcriptions with the brazilian ensemble with a horn section. Cool stuff... I'd check out her album Eletrica (live concert recording). Swing da Cor is REALLY cool. Also search separately for her tune Umbigo do Mundo. That has a variety of brazilian styles throughout.

Style wise, check out some Maracatus, Samba Reggae and Samba Batucada. Download Samba Squad's tune Maracatu Funk. Abacaxi's album Samba Percussion Live on iTunes looks like a good sampler of different styles.

Those should be some good starting points!
I finally got a chance to check out your recommendations, although uber talented, not really my taste.  But it gave me direction and I thank you!!
in the back of the Ed Uribe Brazilian rhythms book. . .there is a FULL PAGE list of Brazilian music to check out. It's all very good! I would list of few but my book is at the office. :) And if you are interested in learning a little history of the instruments and the standard techniques the Uribe books both the Afro-Cuban and the Brazilian book are a PLETHORA of good information. Hope that helps!
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