Indoor Percussion Stick/Mallet (hmmm)

I am curious as to what everyone else really thinks about Indoor Percussion Sticks/Mallets.  My question is not geared to bring down products or discourage the purchase of these goods.

It has been my thinking that the indoor version of sticks out there are not that much different in projection/color/clarity than their marching counterparts.  With the economy forcing public schools to tighten their belts...this is an area that made me go ";hmmm...";

I have stockpiled on indoor implements, but after really listening this year to our program I am not so sure it was a good investment.    Yeah maybe there is a ";little"; change from the outdoor version but enough to make it worth the switch?

Just asking, and I hope no one feels that I am bashing the indoor product line.  What are your thoughts?  Are we splitting hairs?
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