Managing Large Percussion Enrollment

Hey guys,

Andy Salmon (The Woodlands HS) and I have a problem looming in the near future. We're approaching that threshold where we will not have enough equipment for so many kids. We're looking at almost 170 between 3 schools (Intermediate, JH, HS).

Don't get me started on the beginner enrollment issues, it's a nonstarter. They're already as low as their gonna go:) The problem is NO ONE QUITS!!!!! Not even the ones that don't do anything! That's cool they have fun, but c'mon! What's a junior high band program supposed to do with 12 percussionists PER BAND!?!?!?!?

We want to get out ahead of this thing and be prepared. Anybody out there had any success with the whole ";JV Drumline"; thing? Maybe a way to solve similar problems inside?
As far as the JH Pep Band Goes, I would suggest tracking down some junky old drums and actually have a little JH drumline, playing on Powerstroke heads and working on refining technique, rudiments, and of course a little groove.

Robbie Green does a basketball drumline at Cy Falls. I'm sure he can offer more information about that, but he said that the kids love it, plus their hands are moving which is always a good thing.

Cedar Park has always been known for their massive percussion programs as well, so Manny Maldonado might be a great person to talk to about handling such lare numbers.

Mike Huestis (a forum regular) seems to have a pretty large program at American Fork, so perhaps he could also offer some suggestions.

I, on the other hand, will be of no help :-) 
Ralph -- you need to get with Kennan Wylie. He has an A and B line at the HS and has pretty large amounts of percussionists through the whole program. That and, his kids can PLAY.
I'm only a MS director, but here's how I handled my situation this year...

I had 90 sign up for band with 20 that wanted to be percussionists.  10 is a REAL right fit for the percussion section, so 20 was not going to work at all.  I auditioned them all and took 6 for Symphonic Band and split the rest into lesson groups based on their ability.  Basically, the ";when we learn to read, we'll be good";, the ";I know what a quarter note is"; and the ";what's music"; group - or beginning, intermediate (1 and 2) and symphonic.  Intermediate 2s had the ability to move to Symphonic when they improved - and they have moved up.  The others also have the opportunity to move up, but will they reach that point?  Different story :).
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