In search of a used MalletKat

Anyone out there upgrading their MalletKat, and looking to get rid of their old one? Email me if so, my school is looking for one. We can figure out how much it's still worth. and go from there.

Is there maybe a site that sells ";refurbished"; ones?

Hey Ralph,

When we bought ours, Alternate Mode was very willing to meet us on our budget. Very willing. Then when I had several questions/issues, Mario the owner called me personally to make sure that I had the info I needed and to be sure that I was satisfied with the product/service.

I'm guessing you might not find much in the way of used MalletKats because of how valuable they are. Once upon a time, I owned an early model but needed the cash (can you say ";college";?) so I sold it on eBay. Have you looked?

Yup, nothing:)

Cypress Falls might be able to work something out here in Houston. Sorry, Eric...if Robbie is able to work this out, he's my new hero.

I'll see what we're talking about on the Alternate Mode site, thanks!
I just listed one on ebay tonight before I saw this, $1499 using the buy-it-now option & that includes shipping.

in near perfect condition.  Nothing wrong with it that I've ever seen.  I've owned 4 of these and it's the best one of the 4.

Anyhow, have fun!!
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