Warp Bearing Repair

Yamaha sFz, warped snare side....

Is this something that can be repaired?
The bearing edge is warped or the rim is warped? Or both?

If it's just the rim, I'd order a replacement. If it's the shell, I'd call Yamaha and ask them what they think.

Anyone know of a contact at Yamaha who deals with this sort of thing?
Doug Steinmetz and Joel Tetzlaff are the percussion guys over there.  I'm sure they'd be able to help you - perhaps via some number or e-mail address on the Yamaha site? 
No it's the shell.

The ply looks like it has been splitting...could be that it got really wet and the student did not properly wipe it down??  Just another thought.  I mean this bad boy is REALLY warped.  I've been puzzled by it for sure. 
If the shell (more specifically the bearing edge) in fact did get wet, you might be out of luck, since there's no practical way to repair wood rot or wood that's been overly saturated with water.  Same thing happened to a piece of furniture of mine years ago when a friend decided to not use a coaster on my coffee table.

If the damage is that bad, you're probably going to spend almost as much to repair it as you would just investing in a new drum out of which you'll get more miles down the road anyhow.
Thanks Brian...I was afraid of that.  Guess I'll use it for parts and get a new drum put on the budget.
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