Need replacement Sibelius 5.2.5 Soundset after hard drive crash

My hard drive crashed and I got a new one and have recovered everything except VDL 5.2.5 xml

Is there a way for me to get the VDL_SoundSet_5.2.5.xml file?  I have the template and the readme.  just no sound set....I'd hate to buy it again just for the sound set.  thanks!

Hi Jon,

I changed your message so it was a little easier to read with all of the important information in the message rather than the subject line.

If you can find the e-mail with your original order for the Template and send a message the fine folks here at Tapspace with that information included, they might be willing to help you out.
Indeed. Send me a PM with your original order ID (from when you originally bought the template), and we should be able to get you all squared away.

If you're not sure of your order ID, just [url=]log into your account[/url] on the Tapspace webstore, and click on the ";Order History"; link to search for your past orders.
You bet! I just messaged you back, and you should be receiving an email from someone very soon.
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