VDL user poll: Do use MULTIS?

Hi folks,

I'm on a little fact-finding mission to see how popular it is to load VDL instruments via the [b]Multis[/b] that come within Virtual Drumline 2.5. If you have a second, please respond to the poll so we can get a feel for this. If you care to share any specifics to how you work with multis (or not) feel free to post a response as well.

The only time I load them is on the rare occasion that I have to load battery sounds in Finale.  I just use it at that point to initially load them without having to pick each battery instrument individually.  Other than that, for me it's just a button in Kontakt Player :-)
Even when I was still using VDL in standalone mode, I never did use any of the multis. And now that Sibelius does the loading for me, the odds have gone down even further.
I use the Battery or the Battery plus Pit multis to initially load up a score in Finale (since my default template is the VDL template).  Then I switch out/add instruments and combos as necessary for whatever I am arranging.
Great feedback so far guys. Thank you, and keep it coming!
When I start a new score, I'll use the included multis to create a full/custom multi for pit/battery+aux for use in Kontakt 4.
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