VDL 2.5.2 Library Update - now available

After much work and analysis, we are pleased to announce that the [b]Virtual Drumline 2.5.2 library update[/b] is now available for registered users of VDL 2.5. In addition to numerous bug fixes and enhancements, this maintenance update adds some cool new combo instruments, plus full compatibility for versions 3 and 4 of Kontakt and Kontakt Player.

[b]Compatibility note:[/b] Using this library update requires a minimum of Kontakt Player version 2.2.4. If you're currently using library version 2.5.1, you're probably already using Kontakt Player v2.2.4. If you're using an older version of Kontakt Player 2, you should update to 2.5.1 first.

If you're using Kontakt Player 3 or greater, there is no need to update to 2.5.1 first.

[b]Installation Note:[/b] This is a ";drag and drop"; update. What this means is that you won't run an installer program to update your library. You'll simply replace a couple folders within your [i]Virtual Drumline 2.5[/i] library folder as outlined in the included ReadMe file. If you're the paranoid type, or ever wish to backtrack to v2.5.1 or 2.5 (not that you should need to), we recommend relocating your original [i]Library[/i] and [i]Multis[/i] folders in a safe location, rather than replacing them. It's important that you don't rename any of the files within the update package.

[i][url=https://www.tapspace.com/Downloads-Updates-p-2.html#VDL25Updates]Click here to go to the Download page.[/url][/i]

[size=12pt][b]VDL 2.5.2 LIBRARY UPDATE - WHAT'S NEW[/b][/size]
• Now fully compatible with [b]Kontakt Player 3[/b] and [b]4[/b], as well as the full versions of [b]Kontakt 3[/b] and [b]4[/b].

• Added [b]Concert Band Combo[/b] instrument which includes the most common unpitched instruments found in the typical concert percussion section, all within one patch. (Located in ‘Combination Instruments’)

• Added [b]Cymbal Rack Combo (MW)[/b] instrument containing nearly every cymbal sound available within Virtual Drumline, all within one patch. (Located in ‘Combination Instruments’)

• Added [b]Triangles All (MW)[/b] instrument containing all triangle varieties within Virtual Drumline with ability to choose between polyphonic performance and single voice limitation. (Located in ‘Accessories/ Triangles’)

• Added [b]Log Drum (Auto RL)[/b] instrument using soft and hard mallets. (Located in ‘World Percussion’)

• [b]BD and Tam Tam Combo[/b] instrument now adds bass drum crescendo sounds.

• [b]Finale users[/b] now have the choice of loading instruments from a [b]Finale Specific Instruments[/b] collection. This collection contains all instruments of the VDL library, but they’ve been formatted to play at a louder volume level to compensate for Finale’s default volume settings which lowers the output of each loaded instrument. This will eliminate the need to uncheck the “Accept standard controllers for Volume and Pan” option in each instrument, and thus allows you to control the volume of your VDL instruments via the Finale mixer. [b]Finale Specific Instruments should only be used if you are hosting Kontakt Player within a VST/AU compatible version of Finale (2006 or greater)[/b].

• Due to a change in how Kontakt Player libraries are being encoded, the [b]Library version number[/b] is no longer accounted for in the Library field of the Library Info window. So while you’ll still see this window indicating the library version as 2.5.1 (try to ignore this!), the [b]true library version is now displayed at the root level of the Instruments folder[/b].

• Drumline Snare instruments now include a [b]Forte-Piano sustained buzz roll[/b] sound.

• A problem has been fixed where instruments would default to a short/cutoff release time.

• Any instruments with sustained sounds (i.e., marimba rolls, timpani rolls, concert snare rolls, etc.) can now control continuous volume via [b]Expression[/b] control (CC11).

• Balance is more natural between tenor ‘spock drums’ and the rest of tenor drums.

• China cymbals will no longer cut off if playing a secondary note.

• Chime scrapes are now velocity sensitive for better dynamic control.

• 20” Constantinople Suspended Cymbal now correctly plays back its short choke with a stick.

• Marching Bassline patches now have a more natural balance between solo and unison rim clicks and “sticks in” sounds.

• Higher velocities on tam tam hits are now a bit more aggressive.

• Fixed a problem where Bassline Manual instrument (not Lite) didn’t properly play LH Mute samples at lower dynamics when set to play with puffies.

• Concert Bass Drum now has more body and depth.

• Oriental Trash 18” now plays back with a consistent pitch on muted hits.

• Swish Knockers are now more sensitive to velocity dynamic control.

• Fixed a problem where Marimba Medium Rosewood instrument would sometimes make a clipped sound on the attacks of a few notes at higher volumes.

• 6” Abel Triangle rolls now release with a more natural sounding ring. Zil-Bell rolls will now continue indefinitely until note is released.

WooHoo! Log Drums and a Concert Band Combo -- Thanks, Santa!!!
Any chance of there being an update to the downloadable templates to account for the new combos and added sounds?
Updates to the latest templates (Sib6, and Fin2010) will be available for free to people who have already purchased them in due course. We have a few things to implement on the backend of the website to make this happen, and it'll require a little manual intervention.

We'll make updated templates available as soon as possible. In the meantime, the current templates will still work just fine with VDL 2.5.2, minus the new combo instruments. Stay tuned for more news soon.

Hi everyone.  Just installed the new version.  Everything seems have installed well.  Curiously enough none of the new combos or instruments are showing up when I go to ";add new instrument";.  Is this normal?  or will they show up when the new template comes out?

Thanks for the info!

That'll be available once an updated version of the template is available. If you purchased it previous, I think Jim and Murray have worked out a way that will allow you to essentially update to the version of the template that includes the new 2.5.2 instruments.

Typed this from an iPad in the Apple store :)
Walk out with one?
I wish. Gonna wait for the second version when they've had a chance to work out the kinks and made a great thing even better. I was, however, surprised at how easily I was able to type that message. The keyboard works pretty well.
Downloaded and did the folder replace. Curious that I did not get the question"; Do you want to replace current file with this one";? I have opened VDL in Sibelius 6 and opened the interface, but do not see the update fake instrument nor the new combos. Opened VDL in stand alone with same results. I am currently on VDL 2.5.1 with Player 2.2.4. Also, shouldn't there have been some new wave samples for the log drums and other instruments to place in a folder?
[quote author=MAXimum link=topic=3592.msg18903#msg18903 date=1270396012]
Downloaded and did the folder replace. Curious that I did not get the question"; Do you want to replace current file with this one";? I have opened VDL in Sibelius 6 and opened the interface, but do not see the update fake instrument nor the new combos. Opened VDL in stand alone with same results. I am currently on VDL 2.5.1 with Player 2.2.4. Also, shouldn't there have been some new wave samples for the log drums and other instruments to place in a folder?

If the files are copied correctly you should see the additional instruments (nki files) like in the attached picture.

There are not any new wave samples in the 2.5.2 update. All the changes to the library were made to the nki files, plus the additional nki files for the new instruments (combos).

Log Drum: from the 2.5.2 update Readme: ";This new instrument simulates a Log Drum played with soft or hard mallets.";
Thanks for the info about the log drum. Looked at the window shot and none of those instruments show up. However, if I go to the LOAD option and manually browse to it, it will start to load but throw up an error asking if to search for it's componets. I hit the auto search, it finds the items and loads up. What am I missing here? Would like to see the new instruments in the tree.
Sorry that you're having difficulties getting the update set up.

This might be completely obvious, but have you checked to make sure that the files are where they're supposed to be?

[i]C:\Program Files\Tapspace\Virtual Drumline 2.5[/i]

Not only copying them, but taking care to make sure that the files are ending up in the correct directories? One time when reinstalling, I copied the files to that directory, but accidentally placed them within one of the sub-directories (might have been either the Instruments or Multi directory).  Just want to make sure that the most obvious solution isn't being overlooked.
Since you didn't get the message asking you if you wanted to replace the other folders, I have a sense that you may not have placed the folders in the correct location. Once those older folders have been replaced, you should definitely be seeing the ";-VDL Library v2.5.2"; NKI as well as the new instruments.

Another possibility is that you may have, at some point, installed the library in two different locations. If you're not sure where Kontakt Player is looking for your library, open KP in standalone mode and under the VDL 2.5 library, click the ";INFO"; button and check what it says for the ";Library Installation Path."; This is the location where you should be dropping the new ";Instruments"; and ";Multis"; folders for the 2.5.2 update. Once you've done that, you'll need to restart KP for the changes to take effect.
The path was it! Thanks Jim.
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