playing back crescendos/decrescendos in Sibelius 6 with 2.5

Hey guys, I got all my previous problems worked out but now I'm running into another one.  I can't get crescendos or decrecendos to playback in Sibelius.  It kind of works on cymbal rolls but I have a bass drum roll that is cresc/decres for two measures at a time and it just stays quiet, same thing with some of my snare rolls.  Know how to fix this?  Thanks.
Check out the Cresc/Decresc Plugin in the Plugin menu under Playback.  You'll have to experiment with it to get it just right, but that's what you'll need for anything that is at a static volume.  There are built in crescendo rolls on the Concert Bass Drum, but if you're wanting something tailored to your length, you'll need to fool with that plugin. 

It won't technically be a crescendo, as you're affecting ";volume"; rather than velocity.  Just Google those terms for a more thorough explanation of those ideas, if you aren't already familiar with them.

Hope this helps!
Thanks Bryan, I'll give that a shot later today.
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