VDL Template for Sibelius 6 - Version 6.0a now available

Now updated to include additions within VDL Library Update 2.5.2, the 6.0a version of the VDL Template for Sibelius 6 is now available [url=https://www.tapspace.com/VDL-Template-for-Sibelius-6-v60a-pr-95.html]here[/url].

Users who have already purchased the VDL Template for Sibelius 6 are eligible to receive this update for free. Details are posted on the product page.
Whew! Glad to hear it, Keith. Thanks for letting us know.
It must be a school network issue.  I breezed right through at home.
Thanks Jim.  I've tried on both my PC laptop and iMac at school and still the same problem.  It's likely to be our network here.  I'll check from home then report back.
Hi Keith,

On a Mac, I've double-checked this with both Safari and Firefox, and am not able to reproduce the problem. When you're doing this, are you logged into your account on the store? It shouldn't make a difference, but maybe that's something you could try in the meantime.

If it's still not working, please send me a PM, and we'll get you set up another way. Sorry for the trouble!
For some reason the ";checkout"; button just brings me back to the shopping cart page.  I've tried both buttons with no luck.

Anyone else having this issue?
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