WGI in Dayton Next Week

Who's planning on making the trip?  I'm bringing my group.  I always look forward to meeting people that I ";know"; that I've never seen before.

Safe travels to all who plan to attend.
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Free iPads?

:) I'd be first in line for that!

Just announced the [url=https://www.tapspace.com/xnews.php?newsid=76]wiggy[/url] promotion today. Spread the word!
Free iPads?
I won't be there this year, I'm afraid. We will, however, be announcing a sweet Tapspace promotion to celebrate all the WGI festivities very soon, so stay tuned!

Very best of luck to everyone who will be performing this week in Dayton!!!
I am there with my group as well.  Best of luck to all!

Thanks Bryan.  Looking forward to catching up with you.
I'll be there, Keith - perhaps we'll be able to bump into each other this time.  Good luck to you and your kids!
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