Favorite MIDI Keyboards

Hey everyone.
Thought I would see if anyone on here has a favorite MIDI keyboard and some reasons why if you have the time to list them.  I have used the old Creative Labs PC-MIDI computer keyboard/MIDI keyboard combo for a while, but then I realized we aren't in the year 1999 anymore so I thought it's time to upgrade.

I see the Oxygen and Korg keyboards listed on the Tapspace site and they look great.  I'm really only going to use it for percussion/winds entry into Sibelius and Finale.

Let me know what you think.
I have the Keystation 49e mounted above my digital grand in my home office, it works great once you get used to using the octave key.

I bought the Oxygen O2 the next year for when I was on the road or at school, it works really well but is a little bulky to carry around. Especially if you are only using it in Sib/Fin.

I bought the Korg Nanokey last TMEA, it has been fantastic for when you're not at home. Fits easily in your laptop carrier. Again once you get used the octave changing its great. It feels really weak and cheap, but I like it a lot.

If you're only using it for data entry, both of these items have served me very well:)
Hi Jon,

Ralph's suggestions were all good.  It really depends on what you want to get out of it, and what your budget is.  The Keystation 49e is the go to keyboard for a nice, inexpensive keyboard to have at home.  They normally even sell them at Best Buy and sell for just under $100.  If you were wanting to go really small though. I would recommend the Aaki LPK25, as it has scaled down keyboard keys, and has a much more solid feel than the Korg NanoKey.

If you're wanting one that has slider and knobs for MIDI controller control, the Axiom series from M-Audio is also good, but more expensive than the Keystation series.
I really like the M-Audio and Korg keyboards.  I use a Korg K25 at work, which unfortunately I don't think they make anymore, but you might be able to find one at a local shop or Ebay.

At home I have a M-Audio Keystation 49e, which works like a charm.  I also picked up a Korg NanoKey for the laptop bag, which works great as well, however you wouldn't want to use it for realtime entry if that's important to you.
If you have the budget I highly recommend the M-Audio Axiom Pro 49. The new M-Audio controllers have Hypercontrol which is a way to enter edit and enter notes into Sibelius straight from the keyboard, no going back and forth to the computer keyboard to do an edit.  I also have a Korg nanokey and it works great for traveling.

[quote author=Cobybos link=topic=3606.msg18936#msg18936 date=1270951341]
I also have a corn nanokey��_

Sweet - a corn powered keyboard?! :-)
Darn iPad!
Sorry to hijack your topic, Jon, but Gabe's little iPad blunder reminded me of something I just read via Digg:

No problem Bryan!  Thanks for all the great posts guys, I'll look into these options and let you know what I came up with later on.
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