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I am using Sib. 6 and VDL 2.5.2 and have been using the Kontakt 2 player. Since I also have Kontakt 4 I thought I would try to get it working in plug-in mode within Sibelius. I understand Kontakt 4 contains both the player and stand-alone version together, but since Kontakt 4 is authorized as the full version, does that remove the possibility of using it as a plug-in player with Sibelius for running VDL? I tried installing Kontakt 4 player but it wouldn't let me since the full version is installed on my computer. It would be nice to have the Sibelius sound sets work with the full version of Kontakt but I don't think that is possible from within the Sibelius mixer.

If anyone has had any luck, I would be interested to know how you did it.

Hi Glen,

If you already have the full version of Kontakt 4 installed, there's no reason to install the Player version of it.  Kontakt Player is essentially just a scaled down version of the full version of Kontakt, with the biggest different being that you can't create/edit the instrument (nki) files in the Player version.  Both the full version and Player version can be run in standalone and plugin mode.

You shouldn't have any problems loading the VDL sounds in Kontakt 4, as long as you go through the same process of adding an instance of Kontakt 4 to your Active Devices in Playback Devices.  Also, make sure you have the latest Kontakt 4 updates installed, which I believe is 4.0.5.

Hope this helps clear things up a bit.
Thanks Bryan. I appreciate you input on this. When you activate Kontakt 4, not the player, in Sibelius are you able to select the VDL sound set?

Thanks again,
Yes.  I do recall in the initial release of Kontakt 4 this being an issue, but as of the most recent update, it seems to work just fine - soundset selection, autoloading of the sounds and all.
Again, I appreciate our help. I'll make sure I am up to date before continuing.

No problem.  Let us know how everything works out when you get a chance.
Does this also work on the free download of Kontakt 4 on Native Instruments website?
Hey guys,

For the record, Sibelius just released version 6.2 as a free update, which adequately fixes the problem you were experiencing with not being able to use Kontakt 4 - meaning that Sibelius sounds sets will now function properly with K4.  Just update and you should be good to go, for both the full and free versions!
PERFECT! This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

[quote author=UnDuffable1 link=topic=3607.msg18996#msg18996 date=1271442381]
Does this also work on the free download of Kontakt 4 on Native Instruments website?

I'm using the free version as a plugin and it works just fine.
Has anyone gotten this to work with Sib5? I have Kontakt, but it only shows the generic sound sets.
Works just fine for me in Sibelius 5. Are you on 5.2.5 or 5.4? Not sure when and if the compatibility change happened. Then again, I'm still on Haven't upgraded to 4.1 sinc people had been saying that it was a bit buggy when VST/AU stuff is of concern.

Mac or PC? If you're on a PC, did you copy the Kontakt4.dll file from the Native Instrument VST folder to the SIibelius VST folder?
I'm on 5.4 on a Mac. At least I still have KP2 installed, so I can still get writing done :)
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