Tenors and Vibes not playing back

Hello all,

I recently had to rebuild my computer and reinstall everything, so... I reinstalled Sibelius 5, with all current updates, then VDL 2.5, and updates and then went back to work on charts and now I have no tenor line or vibe sounds.

I have reinstalled VDL, and all of the updates, tried changing to different tenorline/vibe patches, both within the piece of music and as a newly created instrument.

When KP loads all of the patches when it opens, the snare and bass line take a while as it goes through each sample, but the tenor line flashes up for only a second.

I tried the trigger test files in the template and i only get the Cowbell and Woodblock form the tenor map.

Any ideas?

Windows Vista
VDL 2.5.2
Sibelius 5.2.5
Kontact Player 2.2.4


Sorry to hear about the trouble, Cameron. At first glance, it sounds like some instruments might be loading in ";purged"; mode.

Try this. Open a file that's having this problem, then open the Kontakt Player instance which has your Tenorline or Vibes instrument loaded into it. Check the ";purged"; status of these instruments. If it shows a little red box, somehow those instruments have been purged of sample data. If that's the case, simply select ";reload all samples"; from the little pulldown menu next to it.

A few screenshots attached for reference.
Ok, so I went through and did what you suggested, with no luck. Now I had never actually viewed KP through Sibelius, so that was new and i did notice a few things.

I have 2 charts these examples are from, One is for full marching band, the second is from an indoor drumline.

The indoor drumline vibe parts dont have any light indicated under purge. I still tried reloading, no change.[img]http://kp-indoor.jpg[/img]

The band Tenorline parts were Green lit for Purge, but weren't playing back, so I took the steps anyway, same result. Also noticed that the midi indicator was flashing as expected, but no playback registered.


Okay. The purge thing probably isn't it.

I believe you mentioned that you're using the 5.2.5 template. If so, are you certain you've selected instruments (from Sibelius's ";Instruments"; window) that correlate to the VDL template? If not, and perhaps if you're just using the stock ";marching tenor line"; or ";vibraphone"; instruments (rather than Tenorline Manual MW, for example), this it's likely the sound IDs in your score aren't properly triggering the VDL sounds.

The fact that you said an occasional cowbell or woodblock playback tells me that ";something"; is loading, however if the instrument assigned to your staff isn't a VDL flavor, it may not function properly.

Another thing you might check: In the Playback Configuration, are you certain you're using the proper VDL SoundSet that came with the template you're using?
Yeah, I've selected instruments from the VDL 2.5.2 Instrument list. I double checked it in older documents as well as a new document made from the template.

I double checked the playback configuration, nad everything llooks right, VDL Soundset 2.5.2 is loaded into KontaKtplayer.

Still no luck...
[quote author=cameornwilley link=topic=3611.msg18974#msg18974 date=1271251059]
VDL Soundset 2.5.2 is loaded into KontaKtplayer.

I'm presuming you meant 5.2.5? Make sure you don't have the ";Virtual Drumline 2.5"; sound set selected, as that is the one that ships with Sibelius and tends to confuse people from time to time.
Yeah, 5.2.5, sorry.

I did just notice that the memory for the tenor sample is 1.41MB, which im assuming is way low considering the snares are 36.49 MB and the basses are 96.66MB. Not sure if that helps, but its there.

[quote author=cameornwilley link=topic=3611.msg18976#msg18976 date=1271264767]
I did just notice that the memory for the tenor sample is 1.41MB, which im assuming is way low considering the snares are 36.49 MB and the basses are 96.66MB. Not sure if that helps, but its there.

I also noticed that the Vibes' memory said zero.

Do either or both of those patches load correctly when using KP2 in standalone mode?
I was wondering the same thing. There may still be something 'purgy' going on here, but it seems odd.

Check that those specific instruments load properly in standalone mode (Tenorline AutoRL and Vibes Hard). If they do, it would appear to be something in how Kontakt Player is functioning within Sibelius 5.2.5 and we can isolate the behavior to that environment.

I had a similar problem during a re-install.

It turns out the sample files did not transfer completely from the disc, probably due to a scratch on the disc. I compared the size of the sample files (I forget the extension) that were on my computer vs. a friends sample files and mine were much smaller in size. So, Kontakt was attempting to load the correct sounds, but there was no data there to load.

I burnt the data files from my friends hard drive on to a dvd. Copy, paste, done.

Good point, Tito. Thanks for chiming in!

Cameron, if you want to take a stab at this, you may want to start by attempting to replace the large .NKM files that contain all of VDL's sample data. You'll find these on the VDL DVD. There are three of them, numbered 001, 002, 003, and you should drag them into the folder named ";Virtual Drumline 2.5"; where you'll see the ones from your previous install located.

It would still be interesting to know whether or not you're able to successfully load these patches into KP while in standalone mode.
Ok, so I tried loading them into standalone and they didn't load, and again had memory of 0 for the vibes, plus only loaded the woodblock and cowbell from the tenor samples.

So i looked into the Program folder and didn't see any .NKM files, however there are large NKX files, so I'm assuming that's what you meant Jim. I have tried reloading them and 2.5_002 appears to have an issue being copied from the DVD, so I'm guessing that is the source of the issue.

Now to find out who has a copy around here...

Sorry about that. I meant .nkx files. Be patient while the files copy completely. Let us know how things turn out.

Ok, so I tried reloading from the DVD and as Tito had said, there was an issue with the file, so not all of it copied over. So i went and found a friend who also has the same VDL, and copied the screwed up file from his computer, dropped it in and BOOM!, everything is back up and running.

Thanks for the help everyone! Now I can actually hear the craziness I had written :)


That was a bad few days for me until I figured it out.

Happy writing!
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