Bass Drum Unison

Hey, for some reason when I put in the bass drum unisons there is no playback sound for it, but the individual notes itself does work. I am using Sibelius 6 if anyone can help me.
Are you using the full version of Virtual Drumline? If so, are you using the VDL Template for Sibelius 6? Have you loaded one of the VDL formatted Basslines prior to entering?
I did download the sibelius 6 template.. I am using VDL 2.5. I'm using the bassline auto RL sounds. Any idea?
What notehead do you have assigned to your unisons on the Bassline AutoRL staff?
I have number 28 picked and im putting it onto the B line. I'm plugging it in right now.. and none of the unison sounds work.. im trying to plug in the rim clicks on the unison line too and theres no sound.
Notehead 28 is not used for the BassLine AutoRL instrument in the 6.0 Template. You may need to review the diagram on page 43 of the 6.0 Readme (notehead 46). This was one of several changes that we made going from Templates 5.2.5 to 6.0. [url=]See the changes here[/url].

Keep in mind that if you have scores that originated in 5.2 or 5.2.5, you can work with those files in Sib 6+. If you do so, be sure to use its corresponding sound set and documentation. See Appendix A in the Readme for more.

thanks, so know that it says notehead 46 but how exactly do i get that? im sorry i am new to sibelius so still trying to get the hang of things here.. another thing is even the stick clicks wont work on my unison line. anything i put on the unison line wont playback....
It sounds like you'll definitely benefit from spending some time learning how this all works together. There are a bunch of helpful video tutorials [url=]here[/url].
I understand but.. my sibelius for some reason does not go past 30... it only gives me 30 different choices of noteheads..
Based on that information, it sounds like you're not using the template.
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