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I am using Sibelius 6.  All of a sudden this week the program opens and has a warning come up instantly stating samples missing.  264 files could not be found.  I have searched manually, and I have searched the file system.  This will go down as if the program is finding the files.  Then many files look like they are being loaded into the Kontakt player.  It comes up and says the same thing but this time with 332 samples missing.  I do the same with the same result.  The program then appears to continue opening.  

Once I try to play something a warning comes up and states KontaktPlayer2, File was not found.  Please check to see if the library was installed correctly.  I have contacted Native Instruments twice this week.  It sounded as if this was a problem with Virtual Drumline 2.5.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the program with the same results.  I have downloaded the new demo of KontaktPlayer 4 as well to see if that would help.  It shows up in the playback devices, but I can not select the Virtual Drumline soundset like I can in KontaktPlayer2.  Native Instruments stated I would probably have to run an AU plugin search in Sibelius.  Unfortunately I do not know how to do this and neither did they.  Is this what you would consider to be my problem? Could you please advise what I can do for a solution?  
I did not have the problem in standalone mode.  However, I did this search in the Kontakt player in Sibelius and it fixed the error perfectly.  I also had to do it for the Garritan and SSE libraries.  I'm not sure why as I really have not done anything with the files other than adding the sounds folder a couple months ago to get it initially up and running on the new template.  I've worked on a number of scores since then with no problems.  Though this definitely worked, and I appreciate the quick feedback.
It sounds like you may simply need to tell Kontakt Player 2 where to locate your VDL 2.5 library. This can happen if you move VDL files, reinstall the software in a different location, or a number of other innocent mistakes an unsuspecting musician might make. ;)

My guess is that if you try loading an instrument in Kontakt Player 2 while in standalone mode, you'll get a similar error. It's possible you may notice the VDL library window is an ugly blue thing as opposed to the groovy stainless steel graphic. If so, try this:

1) Launch Kontakt Player 2 in standalone mode.
2) In the LH browser column, in the VDL 2.5 library box, click the [i]Info[/i] button.
3) In the resulting window, near the bottom where it says ";Library Installation Path";, click the [i]choose[/i] button to re-navigate to wherever your Virtual Drumline 2.5 folder is (highlight the VDL 2.5 folder as the last step, then click [i]choose[/i]).
4) Close and relaunch Kontakt Player, then try reloading a VDL instrument. If you correctly told it where your VDL library is located, the error shouldn't appear, and instruments should now load properly.
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