Tambourine Rolls in New Concert Band Combo

Hey all,

I'm working in the new Concert Band Combo (and LOVING it), but am having a slight problem with my tambourine rolls -- they want to play on continuously.

I've tried placing a rest afterward and placing a standard note afterward (both tied, then slurred). The sound continues until I stop playback.

What am I missing? A ";~text"; issue?


There you go. That fixed it.

Thanks, Jim!
Hi Eric. Glad to hear you're liking the new Concert Band Combo in VDL 2.5.2!

My first hunch is that your sustain controller may be activated. Have you used any pedal markings in this staff that may be unresolved? Even if not, I wonder if there's some text somewhere that's causing the sustain controller to be activated.

The sustain pedal is controller #64. So try typing [i][b]~C64,1[/b][/i] into the staff (prior to the phrase you're having the tambourine problem) and see if that fixes it.
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