Right Hand Heavy

I have Sib 6 with VDL Temp6 and VDL 2.5.2. What appears to be happening when I use Manual Snare or Manual Snare Lite, if I notate a string with bars filled with sixteenth notes, alternating Right then left. If I place drags to each one of these notes to replicate a long roll, it seems the right hand plays back with more of a pulse, rather than having a more balanced stroke. I have checked this with Live Playback off. Should I notate this a different way or am I missing something in Sib6? Should I maybe use a different instrument? What I am trying to achieve is a more balance sound from Right to Left. Hope it makes sense. Thanks 
There's going to be a certain degree of unevenness between the RH and LH hits, but how extreme it is will vary depending on the velocity at which it's being played. You may actually want to turn Live Playback back on, and set the velocities + or - a few clicks to see if you can dial in a setting that's more to your liking.

More often than not, it's rare for a snare part to remain strictly at one velocity for an extended time. Usually it'll increase or decrease over time, or a phrase will consist of some degree of accents and non-accents. As such, the minor inconsistencies between RH and LH aren't as noticeable as what you're zeroing in on. And in cases where you do hear some of it, it can actually lend itself to more realism since most often, you hear frequent RH/LH differences with live drumlines.

One other thing you may want to check is your Performance settings in Sibelius. Set them to ";Meccanico"; if you want to ensure Sibelius isn't inducing small velocity variances.
Thanks Jim I will give it a try. I have tryed the performance setting at Mechanico and still seems to be there. I will fool around with live playback a little more. On the issue of notation, how will VDL translate for example a half note triple slash open roll vs two counts of sixteenth notes with single slashes using Manual snare? Should I be triggering the half note triple slash with Auto Rt Lft? By the way I am using a Akai nano pad to do all this. It seems the pad is more sensitive when recording in flex time or even step input. It does not seem to have any control as far as setting velocity curves. I know I could just input the data through the pad and then just reset the live play back velocities, but seems to slow the work flow a little. I do have a keyboard controler that allows me to turn off touch sensitivity which might help me more as far as the Rt Lft hits on Snare manual. Let me know what your thoughts on this are.
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