VDL 2.5 Rim Click Sound Carrying OVer

Hi there,

I am using Sibelius 6 with VDL 2.5 on a PC.  Lately I have been having a problem with the rim click sounds carrying over to the remainder of the part.  For example, if I put rim clicks in the snareline in an earlier measure, for the remainder of the part, it plays as if on rims, no matter what other command I input.  The same is happening with the tenor line if I use the shell double stops.  Any help would be appreciated!
Sounds like you have Technique Text with ";rim"; or ";Rim"; in it.  As a result, Sibelius will play all subsequent sounds as rim hits.  The simple fix is to select that text, then uncheck the ";Play On Pass"; box in the Properties palette under Playback.

Hope this helps!
By eliminating the technique text with ";rim"; in it fixed the problem.  I was not able to find any ";play on pass"; option though.  Where can i find the properties pallete?  Thanks again though!
You can get to it by either going to Windows > Properties, or by press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + P.  Glad I could help!
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