Yamaha YM-1430C Padauk Marimba

Hello all,

I have already sent this question to yamaha's percussion specialist, but no reply just yet.  Anyway, on to the question.

My school has a Yamaha YM-1430 Padauk Marimba, and I am looking at using it in the pit this year due to the sudden surge of pit members (some double reed members included), and I am looking for a field frame for this model.  Would any of you happen to know if the Tough-Terrain Frame for YM-2400 Marimba would work with our padauk marimba?  Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S Absolutely love the recent updates to VD and sibelius templates.
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I'm not quite sure. If you don't get any other responses, I'd also suggest you might try asking the folks at McCormick's. They know the Yamaha stuff inside and out, and provide great service! If you contact them, ask for Dave Dombeck. You can look up their contact info at http://www.mccormicksnet.com.

And PS - if you do end up taking those Padouk bars outside, try to keep them covered, dry, and out of the sun as much as possible!

Good luck!
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