Kontakt Player/Activation issue

I purchased VDL 2.5 recently, and installed it with no issues.  I ran the NI service center and got the update, as well as activated VDL.  Everything worked fine for about an hour.  I then restarted Finale 2007, and when I went into Kontakt Player to set everything up, a red exclamation mark popped up in the VDL box that reads ";Your hardware has changed.  Please enter Service Center to reactivate.";  I have gone into the service center, and re-entered my serial number, but nothing has changed.

Anyone know what the issue is here?  Its very possible that I am overlooking something, I'm not incredibly computer-literate.

I am running on a Mac (Snow Leopard, and I used the updated installer) as well, if that makes a difference.
I'm not quite sure off hand, but for starters, here are a few questions to check into:

In Service Center, under the ";Activate"; tab, are all products showing as activated?

Are you using Kontakt Player 2? Or the full version of Kontakt (or a different version of Kontakt or Kontakt Player)?

In Service Center, go to the Overview tab, then click the ";Show Details"; arrow next to Kontakt Player 2. What version is it showing for Kontakt Player 2 for the Standalone, AU (plugin) versions?

When you open Kontakt Player directly within Finale, clicking the logo of the player will give you an ";About"; window. Does the version number here jive with what Service Center says?
You should also check with MakeMusic because I don't think finale 2007 is compatible with Mac OS 10.6.

Ted Boliske
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